global solutions

5150 Global Solutions is an Alaskan Company and proud member of the IBEW.  We provide inside and outside plant along with electrical services through out Alaska including the most remote villages because we understand the challenges and logistics of working in places that you can't simply drive to.

The 5150 staff is made up of true industry professionals that understand the necessity of meeting the most exacting standards.  Our staff goes through an exhaustive training and qualification program that includes a rigorous safety program.  We are a ZERO loss company.

Our Management team consists of team members with some of the highest levels of experience in Tower Construction, Underground and Project Management, each with greater than 15 years of experience in their field.  The 5150 Site Foreman are equally experienced in their fields and each is hand selected per project based on their experience.

We look forward to working on your project and adding your company as another satisfied customer.